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The True Cost* of Catalytic Converter Theft:

$1,800 / Unit

Replacement Cost


$3,500 / Day

Loss to Business

*Real costs vary—estimates based on reported claim data and a sampling of customer feedback.

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Catalytic Converter Theft Grows by Nearly 300% in 12 Months

In a recent 12-month period, claims filed for catalytic converter theft grew close to 293% nationwide, reaching 18,000 instances (and $33.7 million in losses), according to new claims data from State Farm.

Special Bulk Pricing

10% OFF

If you order 10 or more of CCS/CCM models

10% OFF

If you order 10 or more of CCHDC models

20% OFF

If you order 50 or more of CCS/CCM models

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Fits small, medium and heavy-duty engines

The CatClamp® attaches to the exhaust pipes, not the converter, allowing all size and shape converters to be protected.

Want to be sure CatClamp® will fit your vehicle?


Money back warranty

The Standard Security kit warranty is money-back (up to list price) or replacement of the product, good for one year after proper warranty registration. The Maxx and HDC Security kit warranties are good for the lifetime of the vehicle. See FAQ for details.


Painless Returns

Any CatClamp® can be returned within 30 days of the invoice date. All items returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee. See FAQ for details.


Protect your bottom line and rest easy with CatClamp® securing your fleet.

Trusted by 2K+ businesses

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"From $23K loss to not a single converter stolen"

"We had 34 catalytic converters in the span of 5 months which resulted in a loss of $23,440 + the time the vehicles were off duty. Since that time I decided to get CatClamp and we haven't had a single converter stolen."

George, fleet manager

"The city has not had a catalytic convertor stolen"

"As of August 2021, the city has not had a catalytic convertor stolen or even a known attempt to steal them on vehicles with an anti-theft device.... the thieves see these and realize it will take too long, so they move on."

Eric, maintenance superintendent

"Peace of mind once I had this installed"

"It worked! (...) last night, another thief made an attempt (caught on camera) and as soon as he went to look under and saw the cage, he drove off. I had peace of mind once I had this installed ... I highly recommend this product."

John, verified buyer


4.6 / 5


"CatClamp® - the most effective way to deter the growing problem of catalytic converter theft" - Prweb

CatClamp is the best selling anti-theft device for trucks and fleets

Top Pick: Best for Trucks


"Given its flexible design, effectiveness and value, CatClamp offers the best solution when it comes to protecting trucks and fleets."

George, Fleet Manager

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