Counteract the Criminals with CatClamp®

CatClamp® keeps the thieves away with its award-winning design & proven durability.

Cat Clamp

Anti theft device for the protection and theft prevention of catalytic converters

The best protection for theft prevention of catalytic converters & diesel particulate filters (DPF)

The CatClamp® was invented to prevent thieves from stealing your catalytic converter. It's exclusive, award-winning, patented cable cage design surrounds the catalytic converter with aircraft-grade wire rope that is very difficult to cut, even with power tools.

The same wire rope locks the converter to the chassis of the vehicle up to seven times, creating too much work for a thief in a hurry.

The CatClamp® attaches to the exhaust pipes, not the converter, allowing all size and shape converters to be protected.

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"CatClamp® - the most effective way to deter the growing problem of catalytic converter theft"

CatClamp® Key Features


Proven success for over ten years.

Universal design, one size fits most.

Model specific kits available for some vehicles.

Open cage design allows heat to dissipate normally from the converter.

No custom tools are needed for installation.

Installation of the CatClamp® may qualify your auto insurance policy for a discount, check with your auto insurance company for details.

The CatClamp® is installed by placing the split clamp assemblies in place before and after the converter. The cable is then routed through both split clamps and around or through...

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Fits Most Vehicles and Trucks

CatClamp®'s universal design allows all size and shape converters to be protected, including small, medium, and heavy duty-engines.

Want to be sure CatClamp® will fit your vehicle?

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About CatClamp®

The CatClamp® was invented by the owner of American Welding Inc., a reputable custom fabrication shop in Toledo, OH. A long time customer with a large fleet of vehicles approached the company about solving the problem of catalytic converter theft on their fleet.

After witnessing thousands of dollars of metal theft during his 15 years in business, the owner saw an opportunity to assist people in protecting themselves and their vehicles from these offenders.

The CatClamp® was developed through a coordinated effort among engineers, metalworking professionals, and large fleet managers.

The CatClamp® has proven itself to be a superior product and sets the benchmark for catalytic converter security.

The CatClamp® is by far the best engineered and most versatile converter lock on the market offering multiple layers of security and features that the competition simply cannot offer.

The CatClamp® is the patented original converter lock, and it has proven to be 99.75% effective for over fifteen years all around the world.

Use of CatClamp products is recommended by United States Department of Justice, registered Secured by Design/Sold Secure Gold standard product in the UK.

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