CatClamp Catalytic Converter Lock System
How It Works

The CatClamp is installed by placing the split clamp assemblies in place before and after the converter. The cable is then routed through both split clamps and around or through a durable portion of the vehicle chassis wherever possible and back through both split clamps again. On a vehicle with a frame, the frame and/or crossmembers are used as durable attachment points, on a vehicle without a frame (unibody construction) anti-sway bar and/or engine/transmission brackets are utilized as durable attachment points. The Patented CatClamp design requires only a 3/8" hole/opening for the wire rope to pass through and secure the CatClamp to the vehicle chassis. This process is repeated until all cable is consumed and each of the eight holes in both split clamps is are used.

Lastly, the four bolts are tightened with a standard socket and the included tamperproof installation tool, if the permanent mounting option is chosen, the four shear bolts are tightened with a standard socket until they break off. As the bolts are tightened, the clamps tighten down equally on the exhaust pipe and cable.

The end result is an intimidating, confusing, durable, rattle-proof cage around the converter that is locked to the chassis of the vehicle up to 7x. The wire rope is very difficult to cut quickly under the vehicle creating too much work for a thief in a hurry; even with an electric saw (converter thieves tool of choice) forcing the thief to seek out an easier unprotected vehicle.

The CatClamp's patented open cage design is infinitely adjustable and accommodates all size and shape converters without attaching directly to the converter eliminating the risk of damaging the heat shield, oxygen sensors and or fragile ceramic substrate inside the converter. The patented open cage design also allows heat to dissipate from the converter as it would normally



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Watch the short animation of our Maxx CatClamp Security Kit to better understand the CatClamp concept. Refer to the comparison chart for kit differences. All CatClamp Kits are "One Size Fits Most"

CatClamps can be installed by anyone with basic mechanical skills, not cutting, drilling or welding is involved during installation. Average installation time is 30 minutes. CatClamps can be installed permanently or can be removed by the owner for adjustment, repair, or service.
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