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WorldPac, USA

We haven't lost a single converter on our fleet since we installed these. There's been another rash of thefts around our area, 14 vehicles just down the street over 4th of July weekend, but not ours.

Troy, MI.

I live in Chicago in a neighborhood which is generally pretty safe but cars are regularly vandalized, mostly by smashing windows and grabbing whatever is valuable. Last week I parked my girlfriend's Honda Element on my street because she was out of town. I was watching it daily and no glass on the ground so I thought it was fine. Then I started it up to move it. It sounded like a rocket ship and after a pause I knew what it was - stolen catalytic converter. Here's the reason I'm writing though: I have a Toyota Tacoma which was parked twenty feet away. It's been raised a couple inches with a desirable converter waiting to be picked. Why didn't they get mine too? Because as soon as I bought this truck I also bought a CATCLAMP! I looked under to see if they even started a cut and ...nothing. Since my converter is worth more than hers, I can only conclude they've seen that CatClamp before and moved on. Thank you CatClamp! I'll be putting a CatClamp on her Element next week.

-Brennan M
Chicago, IL.

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1 - Dave Thompson, Sacramento, CA
In the summer of 2008 I had three incidents of catalytic converter theft. The first time they unbolted the catalytic from my 1985 Toyota pickup. The second time they cut the one off of my wife’s 1998 4Runner with a pipe cutter, costing $2,100 to replace. The third time, two thieves just started cutting the pipe on my wife’s 4 Runner again until they discovered that I had mounted a wireless motion detector above my garage by staring down the barrel of my 9MM. I knew it was only a matter of time until I got hit again, so I did some investigating and discovered the CatClamp. It looked like the best option I had, so I purchased 4 of the original Cat Clamps (I can see the current design is even better now). One for my 1985 Toyota pickup, one for my wife’s 1998 Toyota 4Runner and two for my 2000 Toyota Tundra. Since that summer I know that the Cat Clamps have saved us at least 2 more times when my motion detector alerted me in time to witness 2 more thieves jumping in their cars and speeding away. I’m sure they just looked under our cars and just changed their minds. Just recently, on the morning of 1/17/2010, I awoke to find that my 1985 Toyota pickup had been stolen. I immediately reported the theft to the local Highway Patrol and waited for them to find the bare frame of my stripped out truck sometime in the future. 2 days later the Highway Patrol contacted me to tell me that the truck had been recovered. Upon inspection I found that they had taken the battery, tried taking the wheels, took some personal items and as hard as they tried, even in the privacy of their own “chop shop” with all their resources at hand, they could not remove the catalytic converter. You can tell how hard they struggled to cut it. Although they did manage to sever one of the anchor cables, they started to just cut the pipe to remove the catalytic with the CatClamp still attached but probably realized they still had to extricate the catalytic from the cage that enclosed it. The degree of difficulty they experienced cutting just one cable on the clamp and the daunting task of cutting many more to complete the task forced them to abandon their efforts and my catalytic converter was returned intact. Thanks Jim for a great product. I wish that more people would install the CatClamp, I’m sure it would put these thieves out of business.
2 - John, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Palmdale, CA
I own a 99 Toyota Tacoma prerunner. After having my catalytic convertor stolen twice in 9 months, I was determined this time to protect the new one. I asked many people for help and they offered their own ideas, everything from homemade cages to large skid plates. Not satisfied I then did some research on the internet and was surprised to find very few products offered that I would be comfortable with. I did notice though, in various discussion forums that your product was recommended time after time. I then went to your website and found out about your product the " catClamp" . I was very impressed. As a machinist who works for a major defense contractor, I liked the fact that your large diameter cables are made with a high tensile strength stainless steel that cannot be cut thru with a sawzaw. I also liked the clean and simple design of the catClamp It allows the converter to dissipate the heat where skid plates covering the converter will not, and the simple design allows for easy installation and servicing. In fact with the easy to follow instructions, I was able to install the catClamp myself with little help. This is truly the product that I have been looking for. I feel that I can now park my truck anywhere and forget about it finally with peace of mind. Thanks Jim for inventing the "catClamp"
3 - Arnie S.
My original catalytic converter was stolen from my 1994 Toyota T100 pickup in March of 2008 while it was parked in a commuter lot in Laurel, Maryland. The entire exhaust system had to be replaced ($1531) but I got cheap and neglected to get a CatClamp - not my best decision. Five months later, the new catalytic converter was stolen from the truck while parked in the same commuter lot - angry doesn't begin to describe how I felt. So, while the T100 was being repaired ($1650), I ordered a CatClamp MAXX from you folks over the phone. The CatClamp arrived in a few days and I hurriedly installed it the evening my truck finally came home from the shop. The installation wasn't technically difficult but another set of hands would have helped to bend the cables around the truck's frame. Now, a thief is going have to be completely desperate or deranged to try and cut all that cable. So far, everything is working fine - no rattles or shakes and I have peace of mind when I park my truck. Thanks for the speedy delivery and for engraving my truck's VIN on the clamp. Many thanks for the great service and a necessary invention. Best of luck in your endeavors.
4 - Annette and Jerry W
We want to thank you, CATCLAMP, and American Welding for coming up with a great way to deter the theft of our Catalytic Converters on our 2003 Toyota Tundra. The Tundra was located in a gated hospital parking lot and sometime during the day both CATS were cut off the exhaust system. Needless to say, $3,000 later to replace both CATS with factory replacement parts we were still unsettled on what to do next. While we were out of pocket $1,000 with insurance coverage we still felt we could not make another claim on our insurance for the same loss. We could not find any answers or help with anyone I contacted in the greater Los Angeles area. I am now happy to say because we have installed your CATCLAMP we can once again use and enjoy our Tundra. While I was able to install the cage around the CAT, I chose to take it to a local muffler shop to install the cables with the aid of a lift. Everything is working fine with no rattles or shakes. Most important, we have a greater measure of assurance that our CATS will still be attached to our Tundra when we return. Thank you again for coming up with a great idea that allows us to once again enjoy our vehicle!
5 - Kevin F
Having replaced Toyota Tacoma catalytic converters (2 on my Calif. model) due to mechanical problems. I was not aware of the theft epidemic until online research. Youtube demo video helpful. Very pleased with the catClamp workmanship and the depth of thought in design-all made in the USA



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