CatClamp Catalytic Converter Lock System
About the CatClamp

The CatClamp was invented by the owner of American Welding Inc., a reputable custom fabrication shop in Toledo, OH. The company was approached by a long time customer with a large fleet of vehicles about solving the problem of catalytic converter theft on their fleet.

Fueled by thousands of dollars of metal theft over the course of his 15 years in business the owner saw an opportunity to assist people in avoiding a victim role to these offenders. He knows too well the lengths criminals will go to for scrap metal. He states "there's nothing wore than a thief".

After a year and a half of intense testing and development by engineers, professionals, with 20+ years of metal working experience and fleet managers of large companies, the CATCLAMP converter lock has proven itself to be a superior product and sets the benchmark for catalytic converter security. The CatClamp is by far the best engineered, most versatile, converter lock on the market offering multiple layers of security and features the competition simply cannot offer.

The CatClamp is the patented original converter lock and it has proven to be 99.9% effective for over five years all around the world.

The following companies put their trust in CatClamp to protect select vehicles in their fleet.
Advanced Autoparts Aaron's AT&T
Lease Plan USA

Enterprise Rentals

Rent-A-Center   Budget Rentals 1-800-Got-Junk

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Speed Cchannel Truck U Guys Garage

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Did You Know?

One of the largest automotive insurers in America, recognizes the CatClamp as the best way to protect your catalytic converter and promotes the CatClamp through an internal claim reduction program available to claim advisors and certified repair shops within the company.
The CatClamp was the first product in the world developed exclusively to combat catalytic converter theft. The first CatClamp kit was sold in 2007 and like many pioneer products it was a bit bulky with a hefty price tag. After a few years of intense product development in response to our customers needs we were able to achieve a more universal design that is easier to install, more secure and more affordable than the very first kit versions. In July of 2011 the CatClamp earned the 1st US patent for a product of this type.

The average cost to repair a Toyota vehicle after catalytic converter theft is $1,400.00
60% of our customers have had the converter stolen from their vehicle more than one time!

- Geweke Toyota Lodi, California

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