CatClamp Catalytic Converter Lock System

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CatClamp Standard Security Kit
Part # CCS175300-40


  • Kit fits most gasoline powered vehicles targeted for converter theft, up to 3" OD exhaust pipe, one kit per converter recommended.
  • E-coated galvanized alloy steel construction for durability and longevity.
  • 40' of heavy duty 5/16" -8mm galvanized alloy steel aircraft grade wire rope.
  • Wire rope is difficult to cut quickly with portable tools, creates a snug cage around the converter and attaches to the chassis of the vehicle up to seven times.
  • Heavy duty 3/8" stainless steel tamperproof bolts with installation tool.

  • Additional bolt protection limits access to bolts.

  • Award winning, patented design, clamps to exhaust pipes, not the converter, allowing heat to dissipate normally and avert damage to fragile internal components of the converter.

  • 1 year limited money back guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.